You get access to more exclusive services when you join Club+.

Club+ also provides a guarantee of commitment and security. It enhances your name recognition with the people who deal with you.

    Priority service
    Increased security
    Specialised, high-performance tools

How does Club+ work?

  • Select the membership best-suited to your needs and sign up (for one year).
  • We will send you a code by post.
  • Activate your membership in My Delcampe when you receive the code.

Choose the membership level that best suits your needs...

 Bronze membership


More email alerts
Postal verification
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 Silver membership

Advanced buyer

The benefits of Bronze membership
Export your buying lists in CSV
Privileges and more
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 Gold membership

Advanced Buyer/Seller

The benefits of Silver membership
Export your selling lists in CSV
Advanced store, reductions on selling options, reductions on sales fees, special sales promotions, and more
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Note: Club+ gives you access to more services, but there is no obligation to join to buy or sell on the website.

Your benefits

  Free  Bronze  Silver  Gold
Standard services          
Email alerts in "My favorites lists"    10x  25x  50x  100x
Postal verification          
Club+ logo with your nickname          
Priority service          
Export your buying lists in CSV          
Export your selling lists in CSV          
The Delcampe Lister          
The Delcampe API          
My Advanced Store          
Multiple changes          
Special sales promotion          
Top Stores classification          
Reductions on Delcampe fees (options, prices, etc.)          
A personal reference number          
We add you to the search engine          
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20.00 CAD/year
20.00 AUD/year
24.00 EUR/year
30.00 USD/year
22.00 GBP/year
30.00 CHF/year
40.00 CAD/year
40.00 AUD/year
48.00 EUR/year
60.00 USD/year
44.00 GBP/year
60.00 CHF/year
80.00 CAD/year
80.00 AUD/year
  Free  Bronze  Silver  Gold
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Many standard services are provided free on the website. The services are for buying, selling, contacts between buyers and sellers, trade fair attendance, our newsletter, etc.

You don't have to sign up for a membership to enjoy these benefits.

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When a seller offers items of interest to you on a regular basis, when your searches are targeted or when you're interested in a particular category, you can create a favorites list directly linked to the sales you're interested in. In addition, you can also request an email alert... That way, you're always informed by email when items of interest to you are put up for sale (daily lists).

The number of alerts you can enter will depend on the type of membership you choose. (Free : 10 | Bronze : 25 | Silver : 50 | Gold : 100)

See Club+ memberships

This is one of the major benefits of Club+. When you sign up, you activate it using the code we send to you by mail.
It enables us to check the accuracy of your address and to confirm it for other members (verified address).

The code will be sent to you as soon as possible by priority mail.

If you do not receive it, please contact Customer Service. You have a maximum of 60 calendar days (following the subscription request) to ask the code to be resent to you.

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We always try to be attentive to your needs at all times and make it a priority matter to assist you as quickly as possible when you need us.

Club+ Silver, Gold members receive special benefits including priority response to your emails.

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If you manage your purchases with programs such as Microsoft Excel, this functionality allows you to download lists directly from your account into your management program by using a file in .csv format.

See Club+ memberships

If you manage your sales with programs such as Microsoft Excel, this functionality allows you to download lists directly from your account into your management program by using a file in .csv format.

See Club+ memberships

The Lister is a program you can download on your computer (PC or Mac type) which allows you to prepare your listings offline. It is a powerful tool that brings you great comfort. It is highly recommended if you regularly put items up for sale on the site. Click here to discover the Delcampe Lister!

See Club+ memberships

Reserved for professional sellers members of Club+ Gold who do have an E-commerce website. It synchronizes your sales on Delcampe with your website. So if an item is closed or sold on your website, it will be closed on Delcampe as well. And vice versa. Click here for more information on the Delcampe API.

See Club+ memberships

The Advanced Store is for Gold members. It provides additional features to help your buyers view your sales more easily and search through them. Your store can be highly personalised.

See Club+ memberships

The multiple changes allow you in just one click to close or restart all your sales, apply an increase or a discount on the price of your items, amend your auctions into fixed price sales and vice versa, ...

See Club+ memberships

Each of your sales will include an automatic selection of additional items which may be of interest to your buyers. The automatic promotion highlights your most attractive sales and increases your chances of success.

See Club+ memberships

The Top Stores gathers and sorts out all the Gold members stores according to their success. Appearing there indicates significant advertising for you.

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Gold members receive:

  • Discounts on selling options which are sometimes provided free of charge.
  • A preferential rate for items sold.

You can view the rates at the bottom of the selling form.

Thanks to the reductions, your membership will be paid off quickly.

See Club+ memberships

You can use the reference, which only you have access to, to indicate where an item is found. For example, reference '2/5/78' could mean 'Shelf 2, section 5, box 78'. Of course, it's up to each member to create their own code and organise its use.

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As a Gold member, your nickname will be added to the list on the "Search by seller" page. The other sellers are accessible via this page, but buyers must enter their nickname.

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